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The Good and Bad of Social Media

The Good and Bad of Social Media

It’s time to look at both the good and bad of Social Media. For over a couple decades now, the Internet has been presenting media and data to broad audiences around the globe at astounding rates. This inherently makes available to a single individual an incredible amount information and relationships with a simple finger swipe or mouse click.

The masses have excepted main stream media to come with some boundaries and certain expectations. Going to a movie or book store and being able to purchase or select a limited amount of media made the user selective in their choices. With media being available with such little effort or investment, it would seem that the days of the pensive consumer may be behind us.

This new way to select and interact with people and organizations has changed the expectation for the consumer. Unlike produced film, music and video games that you might purchase from a store. Media on the Internet, and particularly Social Media, must be approached with as little naivete as possible. Keep in mind the following for yourself and your family members.

  • The author can be anyone, from anywhere
  • The content can literally be about anything
  • It will likely not contain a content rating
  • It’s instantly available
  • Many Social Media applications will share information on usage
  • Precise demographics (they know who you are, and what you like)
  • Easy for anyone to participate as well as fake information
  • Not limited to home computer
  • Information is archived
  • Information is generally owned by the entity that holds the data

With an understanding of what to expect with Social Media, I believe that it empowers the user to avoid explicit content, being involved in unhealthy relationships, or damaging healthy ones. The next post will go more into what challenges teenagers are facing because  of Social Media.

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